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Gold, the Titanic & Lifeboats – Why it's Important to Own Physical Gold

Financial lingo disguises how plainly markets function. Most of the terms used are abstract and complex, and sound unreal to many. It is hard to explain why it’s so important to own physical gold in today’s context and why the spot price doesn’t matter that much in determining the real value of

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Why is Gold our Universal Currency?

Gold is one of Earth's most widely-accepted currencies, and even in the modern age world governments still store and use it in international trade. But why? What makes gold such a universal currency?

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GoldNomics – Cash or Gold Bullion?

The E.U have placed sanctions on the import of Iranian oil, with European countries agreeing to not buy oil from Iran. Russia and China have not agreed to the sanctions, and now India has started buying Iran's oil with gold bullion, with China possibly to follow India's method. Includes interview

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