2020 July

Hall Marking In India: Things You Need to Know

Imagine the plight of the person who loses out all his hard earned money by buying gold and investing in it. If you think this is a hypothetical situation built for the premise of this blog piece, then we say you need a reality check. Hundreds of people in India

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Will gold cross its life time high

Since a long time, markets were expecting gold price to cross the crucial $1900 mark. But such a speedy momentum was quite surprising. Gold prices have climbed 20% since late March and more significantly 25% so far this year. Around 6 months back gold was seen trading withing a range

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Gold is here to stay

It was a milestone week for gold as it crossed the $1800 mark or the first time since 2011. The second half of 2020 proved to be quite an achievement for the yellow metal, and with strong fundamentals and what appears to be an unstoppable uptrend, investor world over is

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