Augmont refinery has the technical capability to refine and fabricate gold and silver with 999 and 995 fineness. Furthermore, it consists of all the latest and efficient equipment or machinery required for giving out best quality products in minimum process time at the most competitive pricing.

Precious Metals

Augmont’s gold & silver coins and bars are amongst the best in the market in terms of purity, weight and finishing which are at par with global standards. It serves both, Imported and the local market with quantities ranging from as small as 100 miligrams to 1 kilograms.

Online Trading

Augmont’s proficiency, geographical presence, brand integrity and transparency has led to the successful launch of an online trading platform. It has accomplished a great feat with India’s first fully electronic over-the-counter (OTC) delivery based bullion trading system and undoubtedly the most successful in the world. The prices on the online system are the benchmark prices in India.


Augmont has its own jewellery manufacturing unit which is one of the biggest in the country and has a  manufacturing capacity of 12 MT per annum. Augmont’s jewellery designs are meant for various markets, tastes, culture and demographics. Some of the jewellery items are also meant for the low income group with chains as low as 2 grams in weight!


Augmont has established an all India dealer network for distribution with its effective attributes such as:

  • Leadership with Integrity
  • Innovative Engineering
  • Responsible Governance
  • Sustainable Growth


RSBL spot app

Augmont’s Online Physical Bullion System has benefited the Jewellery Community


  • Traders can Buy & Sell
  • Benchmark price
  • Most competitive prices across the industry


  • Gold & Silver Coins/Bars
  • 23 Delivery Centers
  • Delivery for Small & Big Bars across India

Gold & Silver Coins/Bars
Gold Jewellery


Augmont offers Gold & Silver coins / bars with quantities as low as 100milligrams and 1gm followed by a list of denominations such as 2gm, 5gm, 8gm, 10gm, 20gm, 50gm & 100gm. The objective of manufacturing coins as low as 1gm is to promote and inculcate the practice of investments and make the procuring of Gold and Silver affordable for public.


  • Inclusive of all kinds of Bars
  • Quantity = 100gms & 1kg
  • Two-way price quotes


  • Perfect Purity & Weight
  • Minting of 100mg to 50gm
  • Customisation for Corporate and Retail Customers


  • Minimum Process Time
  • Refining Capacity of 140 MT p.a.
  • Latest and Efficient Equipments

Online Trading

  • Delivery based trading system
  • Benchmark price
  • India’s first fully electronic over-the- counter (OTC)

Jewellery Manufacturing

  • Capacity of 12 MT p.a.
  • Jewellery Manufacturing Unit is State of  the Art and Adjacent to the Refinery.

Packaged Jewellery

  • Compact Wearable Investments
  • Tamper Proof Packaging
  • Certification of Quality Standard


MT p.a.