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Augmont App – The Easy Way of Buying Gold and Silver

It has been observed that Gold has always found a very special place in heart of Indians. It is one of the most preferred type of investment. Predominantly, it’s beautiful and almost always pays off rich dividends. But the question is ‘Is the habit of buying gold can be done without so many hassles?’ Traditional means of buying gold came with a lot of inconveniences some of which are; a physical trip to a jeweller, pay unverified prices, worry about purity and then about storing it safely. And that’s when Augmont comes into action. It is India’s most trusted portal for gold investments, it allows you a world of conveniences you never thought possible!

When it comes to buying gold, you’ll get best prices guaranteed and best quality. This gold and silver are stored in a secured vault controlled and monitored by an independent trustee which is IDBI Trusteeship, which makes it extremely safe. Moreover, the customer can have the gold and silver delivered to their doorstep at their own convenience. Indeed, this app is a revolutionary way of investing in gold is now available to millions of Indians living in India’s smaller cities and towns, where customers prefer buying from a physical store.

To the customers, it brings advantages that buyers never had before. When put in simpler words, it allows one to accumulate gold over a period, depending on one’s budgets. So, you could buy gold worth as little as Re. 1 today, and keep buying small quantities till you wish, creating a sizeable long-term gold investment pool. For buyers who want to buy gold regularly in a disciplined manner, there is the option of very convenient monthly SIPs, available in multiples of 1000.

Did you know?

The gold stored is so safe that even Augmont cannot access it unless the customer asks for doorstep delivery or decides to sell back to the company. If one wishes to encash profits, a few simple taps on the app help in selling your gold at real-time market prices, and the money appears within minutes in the bank account. With all these conveniences, and the choice of investing in silver, Augmont is the pathbreaking bullion app everyone has been waiting for.

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Sutapa Bhattacharjee
April 10, 2020 At 3:25 pm

Want to know how can I distribute E gold in place of physical Gold to our company staff.

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