2013 April 26

Gold spurts, silver regains 45-k mark

Gold prices spurted at the bullion market on Thursday on strong demand from stockists and traders coupled with marriage season off—take from consumers amid higher global cues. Silver also soared on low—level speculative buying and industrial demand, and regained the Rs.45,000 per kg mark. Standard gold of 99.5 per cent purity

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Gold-importing banks struggle to keep pace with demand

The primary dealers of bullion in India struggled to keep pace with robust demand quoting higher premiums, even as prices recovered partially from their lowest level in more than 18 months. India, the biggest buyer of gold, has been trying to limit imports to keep a lid on record current

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Shortages of physical gold now a global phenomenon

Those who precipitated the recent fall in the gold price may have unleashed a beast that will put future efforts at market manipulation way out of their control.  Physical metal is now seemingly becoming key in investors’ minds. They are no longer putting any faith in paper gold and this is

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